Layering Up

At this point, the broad strokes seem to be pretty much done. Now it is time to start adjusting, refining, adding little details here and there, and polishing. Since we had the meeting with our mentors at The Mill last Wednesday, I new notes to work on. Here’s a comprehensive description of the stuff that got done for the next presentation. 

One of the comments I got was to add pieces tearing off of the ground next to the car, since in the previous iteration, that area was not active until later on during the sequence when the camera wasn’t pointing at the road, so it was really hard to notice it happening.

This was easily addressed by just selecting the exact pieces around the car to activate and brute force them to be active in the VEX script.

The debris was updated too. I tweaked the overall behavior of these pieces by adjusting the bounciness and friction since they wouldn’t really bounce. Once they hit the ground the would just stick to it and look weird. Now they spread better and bounce a little like real chunks of rock.
Now with the fixes out of the way. I could start adding up layers of small dust to compliment the debris chunks and the asphalt. It was Todd Akita’s suggestion to add ridiculous amounts of particles to make dust clouds. So, I sourced about 3 million points from the detached asphalt pieces. After this it was a matter of layering stuff up.
The next layer I added was set up exactly in the same way. I just set different forces up in order for them to trail downwards from the asphalt chunks.

The next layer is what I call the eplosive layer which is another POP sim that gets triggered when the asphalt breaks. 

And from the previous sim, I sourced a smoke simulation to add an additional layer of fine dust to compliment the other particles.

Now all this went out as ASS files from Houdini so Sarah can put it together in Maya where look development is being done. We are now able to add motion blur to the ASS files so it can add a bit to the realism and look of it. I’m looking forward to seeing this all together and rendered!

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