Animation V. 4

I think I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I got a lot of comments on the animation. They can be summarized in this sentence: “have it struggle more, don’t let it fall all the way”. Again, as a person who does NOT animate professionally, I find it really difficult to address these notes. But with that being said, I do think I do a great job at producing fairly decent (not perfect) results after doing so.  

Even though I said the comments can be summarized in one sentence, I’ll break down the changes made to the animation by listing them one by one: 

  • I start the animation a little later to give time to effects to start before the car moving upwards (first goes the light stuff, then the heavier)
  • I added a slight rumble at the beginning, kind of align with the pebbles being slightly affected by the beam, and then being lifted off
  • The car slipping backwards is a little bit more noticeable
  • The car doesn’t fall all the way to the ground but its weight kind of fights the beam a little
  • Overall tweaking of keys and curves

And this is the resulting animation viewed through the shot camera:

kind of feel that I lose some of the cool rumble/struggle/vibration from the beginning because of the camera movement, but that’s already embedded in the project given that the shot is a track from live. I don’t know if I should exaggerate it a little bit or just drop this and continue on with the other effects. I hope we’ll see this in context next week!

Until next post. 

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