Wrapping the Sequence

To make the whole sequence cohesive we needed a way to wrap the story. The idea has been around since the beginning, but the whole look development and effects took most of our attention and we didn’t get to do this until now that the main aspects are coming along well. I wanted to tackle the closing credit myself, so I asked my teammates if they were OK with me making a proposal. This is what I made: 

The whole concept of this project is that this car is so attractive that even aliens want it. So, it is the logical conclusion to close with something that alludes to this, since we only have 2 shots. Given that Merdedes Benz is a pretty stern brand, I felt that closing with text over black was a must. Also, the text animation should be pretty simple to stay in accordance with the whole Mercedes Benz branding look (I even went on and added their official font for the text). Will all this seriousness I fent the need to have the sequence closing with a playful reference to our dear UFO! I showed this to the team and they liked it, so I think we are good in that regard!

Next post I will go back to asphalt and debris. I’m still working on some things before I come back to blogging.

‘Til next time.

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