Of Reference…

Finding UFO beams lifting stuff up is hard. All our team members spent a good portion of time trying to find some. Even our professor pitched in and only found one that was not as suitable as we would have liked. So, I asked my wife to see if she remembered some movies with something like that. After a while she showed me these and I was impressed and grateful. Full credit for the discovery to her. 

Even though they are short, these are pretty good and clear, especially this one with the asphalt. It gives us pretty good behavioral reference for timing, crumbs, etc. 

And this one gives us pretty good reference on debris pull, the beam look and its lighting. 

Another one that gives a good glimpse at the tear off of concrete asphalt. Not to mention more lighting and inner quality of the beam. 

This post was just something I wanted to type down in order to land some new reference on my blog. Some of the rest are I mentioned before are on Bradley’s blog if you care to take a look at them.

Alright, that’s all for now. Until next post.

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