Grand Finale

Ten weeks have gone by and we have presented to our mentors at The Mill for the last time. Many many thanks to Olivia, Kyle, Todd and Billy for all their guidance through this process.

Our final version of the project:

We are pretty happy with the result although (as expected) there were many things we would have liked to keep working on refining. In my case I would have liked to polish the debris behavior.

Here’s a general overview of the things I worked on, as a sort of reminder for myself in the future:

  • I made the UFO model
  • A pebble generator for the super tiny pebbles of SH01
  • A grass prototype that wasn’t used in the end, something that Bradley took over
  • The car rig and animation (Fred Qiao gave us a rig, but I replaced it with my own version)
  • A dynamics system for the asphalt and then I had to replace it with a procedural version
  • The POP based debris system based on the asphalt
  • A POP and VDB based dust simulation to fit with the asphalt and debris
  • Another POP and VDB based dust simulation to add continuity between shots
  • BONUS: All the pyro setups that were replaced with the POP stuff

I don’t know if something is eluding my mind right now, but I think that’s the list. It was pretty hard to work on this, there was lots of pressure to push this as hard as we could. But the payoff was not only having a super cool portfolio piece but also all the knowledge accumulated while working on this.

With these last words I conclude this sequence of blog posts in regards to this class. Many thanks to my team who were awesome. To The Mill once more, thank you so much for making this SCAD class possible. And clearly, thank you so much to Bridget and Deborah for all their passion!

Until the next post.

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