Bioma: An Alternative Procedural Locomotion Tool

During the last third of my MFA in Visual Effects at SCAD, I worked on developing a procedural locomotion tool as a potential alternative/complement to crowds as my thesis project. Here are the final results of this time of research and development.

To showcase this tool, Bioma, I put together this narrative sequence. The locomotion shown was achieved without any keyframes. 

If you want to dive into the inner workings of it, here is a more technical breakdown of how it works.

And of course, all the development of this project was entirely made within SideFX Houdini.

Many thanks to my thesis committee: professor Deborah Fowler, professor Malcolm Kesson and professor Stuart Robertson for their supervision and support. Additional thanks to professor Bridget Gaynor for her guidance and assistance during the last stretch of the project. 

Special thanks to industry artists Ben Martin, Greg Gangemi, Ezequiel Grand (Caskal Design), and Dave Stewart for their feedback and contributions after testing the tool. Lastly thanks to Pharaoh Ra for the sound design contribution for the demo narrative sequence.

Lastly, if you are into the academic side. You could read the paper here.

Thank you for reading/watching the videos. Until next time!

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