Thoughts about this website and blog

I used to have a website with my design portfolio. I had it for a long while but was always outdated work-wise and I didn’t have a lot of control  over it’s content due to my lacking knowledge of web design and HTML. Now that it’s been a while since I switched career paths (from graphic design to visual effects), and due to the MFA I’m currently enrolled in (and the fact that everyone at university expects me to have a website), I had to force myself into getting a new domain (since the last one didn’t do it for me) and build this site.

In addition to this, I decided to add a blog section where I could keep track of some stuff. Also, it is a great way to keep visiting the site and doing maintenance. A sort of way to keep it up to date. 

I have to give many thanks to Julian De Salvador ( for his help with this (still a work-in-progress) project. He’s definitely responsible for putting this website together really, really fast. Thanks Juli!

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